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EP Number:  EP 62/2017 EP Electorate: Bogia Open
Date Lodged:  6-9-2017    At: Madang    
Participants Judge Assigned: MakailJ
Petitioner: David Wama Sokoreka     Represented by: In Person Declaration Date: 28-7-2017
1st Respondent: Robert Naguri     Represented by: Thomas More Ilaisa Lawyers Filing Fee: K1,000.00
2nd Respondent: Electoral Commission of Papua New Guinea     Represented by: Date: 5/09/2017
Other Respondents: Receipt:
Directions Hearing      
Date: 11-10-2017 Time: 9.30am Location: Judge: Makail, J
Date: 23-2-2018 Time: 9.30am Location: Waigani Judge: Makail, J
Status Conference      
Date: -- Time: Location: Judge:
Date: 20/03/2018 Time: 9.30am Location: Waigani Judge: 
Date: 20-3-2018 Time: Location: Madang Judge: Makail, J
Date of Decision: 22-3-2018      
Decision Details:
Other Information      
Date Fees Paid: -- Date of Intention to Appear: --
Date Security Costs Paid: Amended Petition:
Date Proof of Service: -- Date of Amendment: --
Comments: The Petition is dismissed as being incompetent. The security deposit of in the sum of K5000 held by the Registrar shall be released and paid to the respondents in each shares
Petition Status: Completed         Date Updated: 15-8-2018