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EP Number:  EP 39/2017 EP Electorate: West New Britain Regional
Date Lodged:  31-8-2017    At: Waigani    
Participants Judge Assigned: MakailJ
Petitioner: Chris P. Lagisa     Represented by: Korowi Lawyers Declaration Date: 28-7-2017
1st Respondent: Hon. Sasindrhan Mutuvel     Represented by: Filing Fee: K1,000.00
2nd Respondent: Electoral Commission of Papua New Guinea     Represented by: Date: 31/08/2017
Other Respondents: Receipt: R00000719650
Directions Hearing      
Date: 10-4-2017 Time: 9.30am Location: Judge: Makail, J
Date: 17-11-2017 Time: 9.30am Location: Waigani Judge: Makail, J
Status Conference      
Date: 2-12-2018 Time: Location: Waigani Judge: Makail, J
Date: 01/11/17 Time: 9.30am Location: Waigani Judge: 
Date: 26-3-2018 Time: Location: Kimbe Judge: Manuhu, J
Date of Decision: 21-3-2018      
Decision Details:
Other Information      
Date Fees Paid: -- Date of Intention to Appear: --
Date Security Costs Paid: Amended Petition:
Date Proof of Service: -- Date of Amendment: --
Comments: The Petition is incompetent and is dismissed with costs. The security deposit shall be shared by the respondents.
Petition Status: Completed         Date Updated: 23-3-2018